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About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my author website! This is a space to compile all my social medias, ramblings, and a few life updates, so watch this space for exciting news!

Introducing me – I’m Welsh, now living in Berkshire. I’m in my late twenties, and I write young adult novels. The first of which, What Happened to Coco, is available to order right now from Amazon.

 What Happened to Coco is a mystery set in a boarding school, where a girl goes missing and her friends will need to unveil their own secrets to find out what happened to her. The idea came to me during a time when I was reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes, and I was always desperate to go to boarding school when I was young. Being raised on Harry Potter, St Trinians, Looking for Alaska, and Wild Child, there is no doubt that all of these gave me that longing for common areas and old dorm rooms and sneaking around some ancient building late at night.

 In my teens, I had a lot going on; medical issues, academic burnout, a whole host of drama, a series of unfortunate events, if you will. I think it’s this that has made me see these years for what they are – an absolutely disastrous string of possibly the most formative events of our lives, and the time when friendships are tested and lifelong connections are made. I’m a sucker for childhood best friends, love triangles, unrequited love, and general drama in my books, so you’ll see a lot of that in them.

 Things I love – dogs, long bubble baths, wine, chocolate, the Sims 4, reading, most sitcoms, cheesy rom-coms, the rain, autumn, sunsets, the beach, lasagne.

That’s me, stay tuned for some more blog posts and updates as time goes one!

Bye for now x

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