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I finished my WIP today...

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

There are a few different types of authors; those that are lucky enough to get to spend all day, every day writing and editing and tiktoking and tweeting, those that plan and plan and know exactly when the next page is going to be written, and then there's the messier type - the writing-a-paragraph-as-you-walk-the-dogs type, the type that writes when they can, on trains, in the work toilets, clandestinely at family gatherings, in the bath.

I'm the latter, which is why today I finished my Work In Progress (WIP) on a park bench during my lunch break. And I LOVE this WIP - it's taken over my life throughout lockdown and I have the major heart eyes for my Sapphic heroine and her sweet-as-sugar love interest, so today was an emotional day.

There's a long way to go so there's no further details on the WIP just yet - I've just sent it to some friends to review, but I will say that it's a wlw Looking For Alaska meets We Were Liars, another young adult, of course. So maybe I'll have news... sooner... later... never. But it's a thing and it's been living in my head for months, so it's time to celebrate that!

There's a photo below of the bench - I felt like documenting the occasion.

Speaking of parks and benches and trees and flowers - I am SO EXCITED for spooky season to finally be here. The hot water bottle is out, a blanket over my legs, a mug of tea in my hands and Gilmore Girls on the TV. The cosiest season is here, and I can't wait for spooky movies, for pumpkin patches, baking bat biscuits, ugh, beautiful.

That's all from me.

Bye for now. x

VB Furlong Author What Happened to Coco WIP
The bench where I finished my WIP

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