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REVIEW - Of Us and Them by TL Coughlin

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

So this week has been a BIG week in terms of reviewing fantastic books – the second one I’ve read is OF US AND THEM by the talented TL Coughlin.

Of Us and Them is a truly unique tale that combines dragon mythology from all around the world in a neat whodunnit with a multi-racial cast of characters. Evren is our badass protagonist with a lot more under the surface than meets the eye. The group dynamic among the other Nexum inhabitants is believable and intriguing, and as more and more of them are being killed off as the book progresses, be prepared for some very, very emotional scenes!

As the tension builds, there were moments where I sat, slack-jawed and dead-eyed in shock and horror. There are so many characters to fall in love with, that my heart was in my MOUTH for much of the final quarter of this book, hoping that they’ll all be safe! I cared so much about everyone in this book that it’s a testament to TL Coughlin’s character building.

TL Coughlin has taken a very ambitious idea and has turned it into a riveting reality that immerses you in a setting that you will be daydreaming of for weeks after you finish the book. I loved it.

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